Sunday, July 31, 2011

What is 3G data card

What is 3G?
3G is the next generation of mobile communications systems.

If one has 3G devices and access to the 3G network, they can make Video calls, watch live TV, access the high speed Internet and receive emails, download music tracks and apart use for usual voice calls and messaging services.

What is 3G Data Card?
3G data cards provides wireless broadband connection to Laptops and Desktops with a speed of connectivity up to 7.2 Mbps. It is just plug and play with no complicated installation system. Fastest uploads with speed up to 1.8Mbps. Wireless and can be used while on move. Seamless connectivity over 3G and 2G networks. Network coverage in more than 800 towns with BSNL 3G data card.

Types of 3G data cards in BSNL:
There are 2 Types of 3G data cards available in BSNL. One is USB type BSNL 3G data card and the second is PCMCIA type BSNL 3G data card.

USB type BSNL 3G data card is from M/s. Teracom Ltd and available in data speed of 3.6 MBPS (model Linktop LW272, Single band, price Rs.1600+VAT) and 7.2 MBPS (Model Linktop LW273, Triband, price Rs.2000+VAT).

PCMCIA type BSNL 3G data card is from M/s. Capitel Wireless Pvt. Ltd and available in data speed of 3.6 MBPS (Single band, price Rs.4000 inclusive of taxes) and 7.2 MBPS (Triband, price Rs.4500 inclusive of taxes).

How to use 3G data card?
Just plug in the 3G data card into your laptop and get the fastest available connections with download speed of nearly 7.2 Mbps.

The design is simple and compact which makes it very easy to swap it between laptops and desktops for use at work.

A comparison on 3G data plans of operators:


  1. Nice post! It’s something I have never thought about, really, but it makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks for sharing information related to 3G Data Card.

  2. data card price list varies according to location. best 3g data card get enable anytime as it provides plug and play feature, anywhere you can get instant high speed wireless connectivity, across more than 800 cities in india.