Saturday, July 9, 2011

e-services for RTO offices - Chennai & Tamilnadu

With the introduction of e-services in RTO offices, citizens can now book appointments with RTO offices, register their grievances and also know its status, information such as tax rates of vehicles, contact details, starting number of vehicles, etc.

Application can be submitted online for learners license and appointments can be booked for Driving license.

New proposals are in pipeline

1) for filling the forms online and also make payment though electronic gateway;
2) declare age and medical fitness and take the online test
3) later go to RTO office with original certificates to support age, address proof and medical fitness.
4) take the driving test if certificates are in order and get the new license.

This system if implemented fully will do away with lining up at RTO offices, save time and energy for prospective applicants as also reduce stress on the employees of RTO offices. This will also eliminate brokers and corruption to a certain extent.

Visit the link to know more.

Visit this link for details in Tamil language.

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  1. good scheme for office about introducing e service... which make easy work to get license.. nice information.. thanks free online classifieds in chennai .