Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BSNL Promotional scheme on 3G data card

Relaunch of promotional scheme to offer 3G data card
BSNL Chennai Telephones has relaunched the scheme to offer  3.6 Mbps 
3 G data card as a Special offer at a reduced sale price to the existing 
and new Broadband customers of Chennai Telephones on promotional basis 
for 90 days w.e.f 22.07.2013. 

1.   The details of the scheme are as follows:- 

A.  For ADSL Broadband customers with FMC >= Rs. 600/- plan
      (monthly payment option): 
      Sale price of 3.6 Mbps 3G data card:- Rs. 800/- (Excl. of 5% VAT) 
B.  For ADSL Broadband customers under annual payment option or 
      longer period commitment with any FMC plan : 
Sale price of 3.6 Mbps 3G data card:- Rs. 500/- (Excl. of 5% VAT) 

For both plans: 
1.    SUK with 1GB free data usage embedded in the SIM with a validity 
       of 30 days- Rs.132 [Exclusive of S. Tax]-Rs.148.32(incl of S.Tax)
2.    SUK price includes price of Normal SIM and for USIM, an additional 
       Rs.59 will bee charged.
3.    The bundled free data usage of 1 GB should be used within 30 days 
        from the date of activation.
4.    Plan voucher - Rs.102 [Inclusive of S.Tax ]  with one year validity 
       will has to be purchased for activation of data plan.
5.    CSR will collect device cost + SUK cost Rs.148.32 + Plan voucher 
       cost Rs.102. 

2.    After first month, customers will have to recharge their data card at 
       market operated rates offered by BSNL to all data customers. 

3.    The data cards will be offered through BSNL CSC only, after 
       verification of credential of the customer i.e. the last paid bill of the 
       BSNL ADSL Broadband connection in respect of existing customer 
       and proof of having taken BSNL Broadband connection in respect 
       of new customer, till the stock lasts, against purchase of SUK, 
       plan voucher and on submission of CAF.  

4.    Only one Data Card as per this order is to be offered against one 
       BSNL ADSL connection.

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