Friday, May 31, 2013

Introduction of SMS STV 20 under BSNL prepaid mobile services

Implementation of “SMS STV 20” under 2G/3G prepaid mobile services in Chennai Telephones (including TN Circle) as a Promotional offer for 90 days with effect from 29.05.2013 to 26.08.2013.

               1000 Local On net SMS FREE with a limit of 100 SMS 
               per SIM per Day,  validity 15 days.

The new STV is placed in Group III and is applicable 
 while in Home LSA and not applicable in National roaming.

The new STV is available only through SMS and 
 not through CTOPUP.

This STV is applicable for all Current plans-Life time, 
Per sec, Per min,General Neo, Student SPL Neo, 
Roam Free Neo,Anbu Jodi Neo,Nesam Gold & 
Nesam Group of plans,Saral Anant &,

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