Monday, December 12, 2011

Bharat Berry Push Mail and PIM Syn Services by BSNL

Bharat Berry Push Mail and PIM Syn Services has been launched by BSNL, India's Public Sector Telecom Operator. This service is available to BSNL customers throughout the country. Bharat berry service is offered by Bharat Berry Technologies Pvt. Limited

Using this service, BSNL customers will be able to get email pushed to their mobile phone virtually from any of their email accounts. It will also perform synchronization of the Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Tasks across their mobile phone and BSNL Bharat Berry server.

Tariff for this service is:
Push Mail Service Rs. 50/- Per Month
PIM Sync Service Rs. 50/- Per Month
Both service can be availed Rs. 80/- PER MONTH

Send a SMS as SUB BB to 51123 to access BSNL's Push Mail & PIM Sync services.
A SMS with a thank you note and a link will be sent.
You should click on the link received via sms and follow the instructions.

Your mobile phone must have an Internet connection (e.g. GPRS or WIFI) and a mobile data plan to use this service. This service works in all compatible mobile phones and Bharat Berry application can be installed in all devices irrespective of any which supports the data transfer.

Further details can be had from the website of BSNL and Bharat Berry.

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